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Brenda Spence Harris
by Brenda Spence Harris
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Hometalk did a live video about this type of project, and I wanted to show everyone that there are tons of ideas out there for this! String art is a lot of fun and very simple to do. You can make any design you want into string art!
The first thing I do to make one of these pictures is look for ideas on other websites, like Etsy and Pintrest. When I find a design I like I find a similar and basic black and white picture of it on the internet.
Next I mark my holes. Most of the time I take my nail and make a small indention right through the paper. It makes it easier if you tape your picture to your wood board.
Then I remove the paper, but keep it close to me as a reference in case I need it. That's when I put my nails in, starting with the inside first. For example, on this batman string art, I started with the bat part first and then did the outside circle. This way I am not risking bumping the other nails.
Finally I use simple colored thread and get to work! Depending on the picture will depend on how you thread the string. If you just want to fill it in as full as possible, just make sure and get every nail a few times, but if you want to be specific, like the cross or mason jar above, you need to be more careful with your thread placement.


If you want to make things easier on yourself while threading, take a simple mechanical pencil and do this. Remove the eraser at the top of the pencil and take out any thread. You won't need to keep the eraser. Then unscrew the bottom of the pencil and remove any of the springs or other mess they put in there. When you are done, you should be able to put a piece of thread through the top and out the bottom where the lead should have come out. After threading the thread through the gutted pencil, tie off your string (from the end with the lead! that's important) on the nail you are going to start on. Keep your thread spool in one hand and using your writing hand you now have a tool that will guide you around each nail a million times easier! Makes my projects must quicker and simpler!
Suggested materials:
  • Thread   (Walmart)
  • 18 gauge wire nails   (Walmart)
  • Gutted mechanical pencil   (Walmart)
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