Tea Light Party Favors

Edie Zsuzsics
by Edie Zsuzsics
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I needed some quick, cute party favors for my pool party and came up with these using supplies I already had on hand. The only think I had to buy was the tea lights and a 60% off JoAnns coupons saved me a bit of money. Can’t wait to share these with my friends!
Wrap twine around the plastic dessert cup, securing it periodically with a glue gun to keep it from sliding off the cup.  Make sure you glue both ends to the cup.
Measure the circumference (the distance around) of your cups; add 6 inches to that total and cut the number of strips of ribbon you will need for each cup.  Mine were 10 inches so I cut 27 strips of 16 inches each because I used three colors. Nine strips of each color. 
Tie the ribbon(s) securely around each cup. You can make a bow or just a tight knot.  I did both. 
If your trinket had a hole, run one of the strands of ribbon through it or just hot glue it to the middle of the knot or bow. 
Now you can fill your cup with whatever you want to use. I filled the cups ¾ of the way full with sand,  placed the tealight in the middle and surrounded it with pebbles.  The sand will absorb the heat from the candle and dissipate so there’s no danger of the heat melting the plastic cup. 
Viola!  Hope my guests enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Suggested materials:
  • Small plastic dessert cups (Dollar Tree – 6 cups in a pack) 3/8” twine or jute. (Any size will do but that’s what I already had) Available at Walmart, Michaels, any craft store. Use a coupon and save $. 1/8” ribbon . Narrow ribbon is easier to work with. I used three colors, matching the color scheme I wanted to work with. Trinkets. You could use mismatched dangling earrings, beads, anything really. Already had some saved from my jewelry making efforts. Tea light candles. I got a pk of 9 from JoAnns so that’s how many party favors I made. Also available from dollar tree. Colored and/or plain sand. Pebbles (from Dollar Tree)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
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