Things to Do With Mason Jars: DIY Soap Dispenser

Elena McGrew
by Elena McGrew
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This project is perfect for DIY beginners or those who don't have fancy tools. Make cute DIY soap or lotion dispensers with different designs. Check out my blog,, for more beginner friendly DIY home decor ideas!
First, a quick disclaimer - this DIY soap dispenser idea is perfect for DIYers who are looking for something fun, quick, and easy to make. I did not use any fancy tools and I am not particularly handy, so this simple idea worked great for me. I got sick of the flashy plastic soap containers and tacky lotion dispensers in my bathroom, so I decided to up-style them quickly and on a budget. Below are the steps I followed:

1. Make small nail holes on the mason jar's lid
The first thing you'll need to do is use a nail and a hammer to make a chain of small nail holes on the lid of the mason jar. The holes should be in the shape of a circle the size of a quarter. Place the jar on a mat to prevent it from shattering as you are hammering away.
2. Make a large hole in the lid
Use a nail and pliers to connect the small nail holes and make a hole in the middle of the lid the size of a quarter.
3. Cut the top of a plastic soap dispenser
The trickiest part of this project was picking a plastic soap dispenser that is suitable. I ended up making two trips to the store, since my first choice did not work. You'll need to find a hand soap in a container made from thin plastic, with a flat top and a pump. In the end I bought a small Dial hand soap and it worked great.

Once you have a suitable plastic soap dispenser, cut its top and push it through the hole in the lid. The lid should be sandwiched between the pump and the flat top of the dispenser.
4. Glue a the plastic on the lid
Use hot glue to glue the top of the plastic dispenser and the pump on the lid. You will notice that the plastic flattens because of the heat, making it easier to glue on the lid.

Make sure that the glue and the plastic do not cover the edges of the lid. Otherwise, you will not be able to close the jar.
5. Paint the lid of the jar and decorate (optional)
You can use spray paint and blue tape to paint the pump, the lid, and any other parts of the mason jar. As always when using spray paint, make sure you only apply a thin even layer to prevent dripping.
As you can tell by the blue tape above, I opted for the stripes paint decoration, because it is cute and easy to make.
6. Decorate with beads (optional)
Use hot glue to decorate the top of the lid with beads or stones. Make sure that the decoration does not go over the outer rim of the lid, because it will get messed up when you try to open the container.
Here you can see the 4 different DIY dispensers I made with mason jars.

For the DIY soap dispensers, I chose transparent hand soap and some seashells and stones inside the jars for decorations. I use the painted stripes mason jar as a body lotion dispenser.
Suggested materials:
  • Mason jar
  • Dial soap container with pump
  • Nail
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Elena McGrew
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    Why not simply use a hole drill bit for a drill?

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    Did you just pour the soap over the top of the seashells? I guess that sounds stupid however, did you clean the seashells?

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