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Melissa V
by Melissa V
4 Materials
5 Minutes
Well, anyone who knows me knows that I love baskets. For this idea (which I admit wasn't originally mine) I took 2 baskets of similar color/style and picked one deeper, and one flatter. But that's what I had, you could use whatever you have hanging around.
So I started with 2 baskets similar in color and texture. The left one is newer from an estate sale and they gave it to me free :D. The flat one on the right is obviously older-it was my Grandma's. Some 2 sided carpet tape and sharp scissors (no use for dull scissors or knives).
Here's where the fun begins!
First I rolled off a strip of tape that looked long enough to fit around the raised base of the left basket. Note: If you have never worked with double sided tape, esp. carpet tape, it can be very finicky (aka-a pain!).
Scissors-more than for cutting! Our helper!
Next is positioning the tape around the basket base. You want to get as much as possible on the "top" of the base as possible-I think you're getting the idea...scissors or something to help get the tape OFF your fingers and onto the basket will help a LOT!!!
You can see how well that tape grips!
Next I took the flat basket and (as much as I could) centered it on the tape and pressed down. It doesn't take much (at least for mine) and here I am holding it up to show you how strong that tape can be.
From forgotten to front row...
Then you just use however you it is on a buffet table, it adds dimension and allows other dishes more room on the tabletop. I found a couple of white baskets that will be great for a Spring display. So go look around and see what you've got, maybe some ribbon, etc., make it yours!!!
This is what I do when the snow is falling!
Suggested materials:
  • Deeper basket   (Estate sale (free))
  • Flat basket   (Grandma (free))
  • Sharp scissors   (Already had)
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  • Lar4036101 Lar4036101 on Dec 16, 2016
    I love baskets and boxes!! And I love your project. It really does look "front row!" Could you use E6000 glue instead of the tape?? Thanks! Linda

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  • Jeannie Carle Jeannie Carle on Dec 17, 2016
    I have a special little "junk store" - it has tons of baskets - CHEAP!!! He stocks his lil shop from estate sales. I SHALL be visiting soon! TY!

  • Melissa V Melissa V on Dec 17, 2016
    Jeannie, I'm taking that as a good thing for my post. It was my first one and I didn't get it all quite the way I wanted it to be (you're the only one I've admitted that to ;-)... Here's a White Christmas wish of happiness from MI to MO!!!