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You know I love a good before and after. I don’t care if it is a room reveal, a furniture makeover or a thrifted find turned beautiful- I LOVE to take places and items that have lost their vigor and turn them into something beautiful. That thrill will NEVER get old!
The other day, I was shopping at a local booth mall (Pear Tree Mall for all of you local readers!) and came across a set of 4 wall pieces. I was working on a bathroom makeover and really wanted a little something else to set the wall area apart, and as soon as I saw these pieces, I saw the potential immediately and knew they were what I was looking for. The funny thing is, when I was checking out, the lady behind the counter said, “I can’t believe these are selling”! She said that she had JUST seen these earlier that day and thought to herself, “these are too ugly to ever sell”! I laughed, and I told her- you just wait and see what they look like when I am done with them!
Does anyone else like a challenge such as this? You see, I was working with a pretty tight budget on this bathroom. It was already gorgeous, and they didn’t want to spend much to add some spunk, so I really wanted to give them a good bang for their buck.

Here were the pieces when I bought them. I never thought they were ugly, even in this state…but they did have lots of dirt and grime built up (which I had mostly cleaned off before this picture). I had no desire to use them in this state, but I knew it would be an easy fix to get the look I was after.

Do you see the potential like I did??
I decided to use my favorite color spray paint to get these beauties a little more updated!

I absolutely love this beautiful aqua/mint color. I use it alot!
I did a couple of light coats on them, but not too thick because I wanted the black to easily show through when sanded.

After I had sprayed them with a couple of light coats, I took my sanding block and went over the raised parts pretty rough so that the black would show through for a beautiful, distressed look.
I love how they turned out. They looked amazing in her bathroom!
And do you see that gorgeous lime green frame? It was a former cracked mirror! Do you not seriously LOVE taking old things and making them new?? There are just some things that you can’t go to a store and buy to have the same “feel”. That is what I love about decorating, especially decorating on a budget. It is by far the most fun for me.

To see more after pictures, check out the FULL blog post over on my blog. There are so many great DIY projects, room reveals and fun makeovers. I think you will really enjoy browsing around!

Brooke Riley-Re-Fabbed
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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