Transform Wine Bottles Into Handmade Candles

by Tanya
2-3 Hours
Now more than at any time of the year your average wine bottle collection might be fairly abundant. From November to New Years, holiday parties and festive catch-ups mean many merry laughs and overflowing recycle bins. But hold up before you send those bottles away to recycle-land because I've found that you can use them to make beautiful and modern handmade candles.
Soy wax candles made from wine bottles
Using a simple glass scoring tool and a water bath technique, you can easily and safely cut bottles at home. It doesn't take long and before you know it you'll have a collection of gorgeous glass containers that can be made into all sorts of useful household items including candles.
Don't throw these into the recycle bin yet!
You begin with empty wine bottles which you clean and then score (cut a scratch into). You can choose how tall or how small you want your containers to be but I went for 3-1/2 inches in height.
It's fairly easy to cut bottles in half
The water bath was all that was needed for the bottles to pop apart at their seams. Afterwards you dull the sharp edges and then can use the glass parts for projects.
I love adding wooden wicks to candles
Fill them with wax and a wick - wooden wicks are a nice rustic choice - and you have handmade candles that can be used to decorate your own home or can be given away as presents. Who wouldn't be tickled to receive something so classy as one of these as a holiday or birthday gift?
Decorate your candles and give them as gifts
There are a lot more details for this project on my blog and a video tutorial is coming up as well. I hope you too are inspired to upcycle empty wine bottles into something truly useful and beautiful too!

The cost estimate below includes the glass bottle scoring tool which is a one-off purchase. But once you purchase it you'll have it for many more projects to come!
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