Unicorn Spit Did It Again: Part Two Bottle Transformation

Jo Ann Spofford
by Jo Ann Spofford
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2 Hours
In my previous post, I showed you three bottles that had used a saran wrap technique to create a unique design. Now, I am going to show you that you can also use a brush stroke to create another unique design, using Unicorn Spit. This is the final bottle for my tabletop decoration. The project cost me $0 as I had all of the needed items.
For the brush stroke look, I used a different shaped bottle. Because Unicorn Spit will not stick to glass without a prep medium, I first put a coat of Modpodge on it. Make certain to let the Modpodge completely dry. After the drying process, begin painting stripes of different colors on the bottle. Allow the Unicorn Spit to completely dry. Using a squirt bottle filled with water lightly spritz the painted bottle. Allow this to dry. As it dries the paint will take on a chalky look. Not to worry. Now is the time that you are going to bring that paint to a gorgeous glossy look. Using a clear high gloss spray sealer spray the entire bottle. Wait for it to dry and spray on one more coat.
Here you see my completed project, with the brush stroke bottle on the left back.
A better look at the brush stroke bottle.
Suggested materials:
  • Unicron Spit paint   (Home Depot or Amazon)
  • Modpodge   (Any craft store or Home Depot)
  • Clear High Gloss spray   (Home Depot)
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