Unicorn SPiT Opal Technique on a Dime

Melissa Marlow Reid
by Melissa Marlow Reid
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My inspiration for this project is a beautiful White Opal pendant that belong to my Grandmother. With all the awesome faux stone techniques coming out, I decided to try creating an Opal technique. When I started, my plans were to go in a completely different direction but as always with Unicorn SPiT plus my wild imagination, I never know exactly what I will end up with! I knew I wanted to create an opal look, but I had no idea how at first to accomplish this look.
 I also wanted to create something that anyone could afford to do so I gathered my supplies together which included Navajo Jewel and Purple Hill Majesty. I also added Zia Teal, White Ning, Phoenix fire, and a couple of soon to be released sparkling stains by Unicorn SPiT. Other items included were an opalescent shimmery spritz and a pearlizing medium. I knew I could've simply ordered mica flakes or an expensive automobile additive to try and mimic the appearance of opal, but I wanted this to be as user-friendly and inexpensive as possible. Therefore I hit a dollar store. That is where I found a bag of opalescent confetti! Bingo!
I also found a product called Americana Triple Thick brilliant brush on gloss glaze which I wanted to try to keep down cost. 
I began with a $3.00 vase but continued on an old serving tray that was my Grandmothers.  I wanted to see if this would work on all surfaces so I continued working on the vase as well as the serving tray and even a standard picture frame.
started painting each item with a base of equal parts White Ning Unicorn SPiT and pearlizing medium with a few spritzes of shimmer mist. After two coats, I mixed White Ning to all my chosen colors to lighten them a few shades and used foam brushes to gently dab the colors on top of the white base. I applied several more coats of the White Ning combination over the colors to cover and soften into the background more. Then I used a tiny pointed paint brush and the triple thick glaze to decoupage the confetti onto my base. This part was so much fun, but be careful, you can easily overdo your confetti which I tend to do. Take opportunities to step back and look to see your progress and whether it's enough or too much. I tend to love glitter in all things sparkle so naturally I overdid the confetti. After that layer dried, I applied another coat of triple coat to cover any of the confetti that was still slightly sticking up. I wanted a smooth top just like a polished opal stone. During the layering process, you can definitely add more confetti if you feel like you need more depth and sparkle. It's all up to preference.
the glaze hardened well giving the appearance of epoxy which was a definite "win". For the vintage tray frame, I spray painted with Valspar metallic silver spray as my base because the original silver plate was beyond repair. I used a sponge brush to dab on Purple Hill Majesty and Navajo Jewel.  On top of that, I added a light coat of pearlizing medium and went back over that with a dry brush of more Purple Hill Majesty and Navajo Jewel. This added just the right amount of shimmer to my Unicorn SPiT to tie in well with the Opal tray!
I finished the glass photo frame with a shimmering combo of Purple Hill Majesty and pearlizing medium.  I realized that the picture frame glass, although beautiful, was a darker appearing opal color than what I was originally going for with this technique but I loved it too! The vase was a practice piece basically to see if I could get the same look on a vertical surface which can be done and I was thrilled with the result.
The one tip I can say about the vase versus a flat surface is that it definitely takes patience painting on the glaze with a paintbrush, waiting for that layer to dry and then repeating that process over and over until you get that smooth surface you want. But the result is fabulous and I can't wait to make more and perfect this technique.
 I definitely learned while doing this technique, the importance of applying several coats of White Ning on top of the colors. When SPiT dries, it gives the appearance of being much lighter in color but once you add the finish, those colors pop much brighter! And those colors popped right through the white! With this technique, less IS definitely more. The platter came out awesome and makes a terrific vanity tray! It never ceases to amaze me the depth that you can obtain using Unicorn SPiT. You truly get the look of precious stones! 
I hope you enjoyed this post and will try this at home yourself!! It was so much fun!!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT, Glaze, Confetti, pearlizing medium, shimmer spray (optional), and imagination!   (Most items can be purchased at any craft store.)
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  • Pat Pat on Jun 11, 2018

    Melissa, I absolutely LOVE this vase. Fabulous! Do you think a simular result could be obtained using acrylic paint? I can't afford the Unicorn right now. What products would you suggest? Great Job. Thanks

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  • Traci Heimer Traci Heimer on Dec 02, 2017
    I definitely need to try this look. I love how the vase turned out!❤️️

    • Melissa Marlow Reid Melissa Marlow Reid on Dec 02, 2017
      Thanks so much! Yes after several pieces that circular vase ended up being the best. Have fun!

  • Mary M Reid Mary M Reid on Dec 28, 2017
    be cool to see kitchen glass canisters done to brighten up your kitchen for springtime coming up or anytime year round..