Upcycled Gate Turned American Flag

Alicia W
by Alicia W
3 Materials
30 Minutes
I found this wooden gate at an estate sale and knew I could make something to display on all of our patriotic holidays.
I wiped down the wooden gate with mild soap and water.
Paint five wooden stars white
Measure your gate to decide what width ribbon you will use. My gate was 20" high so I used 2" ribbon. I cut three long pieces of red; cut three long pieces of white; cut two short pieces of red; cut one short piece of white; cut three shorter pieces of blue.
Starting a the right side, weave the ribbon in and out of each slate.
After you've finished weaving, place the blue ribbon at the top left corner.
Turn the gate to the back. Starting at the right side, wrap the ribbon around the outside of the edge and hot glue to the top of the side. On the left side, pull the ribbon taught, wrap around the edge and glue to the top of the side.
Continue in this manner until you have all of the ribbon glued to the gate.
With the gate still on it's back, run the blue ribbon under all of the slates and glue it to the back of the slate where you want your blue to end. Glue the red or white ribbon along side of the blue ribbon.
On the left side, pull the blue ribbon taught and glue as you did above.
Hot glue each of the stars onto the blue ribbon.
Your flag is now ready to display - to celebrate America!!
Suggested materials:
  • 2" ribbon - red, white, blue   (ACMoore)
  • Wooden stars   (ACMoore)
  • Gate   (recycled)
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  • Bernice Grace Bernice Grace on May 28, 2017
    Why didn't you see the blue ribbon to the shorter strips of ribbon after doing a test run on the weaving. It would have been a neater look.

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