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Homerefine - Melissa
by Homerefine - Melissa
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A simple way to update a planter, add some new life and some neutral tones into your home!!


you will need some dowels, thickness is up to you, a old planter or container of some sort, glue gun, saw( I used a jigsaw) sand paper.

step 1

measure your container and add a half-1 inch more for sanding and cutting space to your dowel measurement. Measurements will depend on the size of container and dowel as well as the quantity of pieces needed!

step 2

once your dowels are cut, sand them down. Make sure your glue gun is ready to go and start gluing the dowels on one at a time as close together as possible! Try to keep them as straight as you can as well!! It’s ok if they are not all the same height.. it adds a little bit more to them, makes them unique!

Once you have all your dowels glued on, let them cool and find a place for your new/update planter and it’s done!!

Find a plant and done!! A simple, cheap way to add some new life to on all planter or a container!! It is amazing what we can do with a little imagination and some tools!!

Suggested materials:
  • Dowel   (Dollar store)
  • Planter   (Used what I add on hand)
  • Glue gun   (Dollar store)
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