Upscale Beach Candle

Nancy Ludwig
by Nancy Ludwig
3 Materials
2 Days

I had this blah looking candle and wanted to dress it up for my small dining table.

Finished project

Wanted to design a fancier way to display a bland candle.

Begin. I found this tall vase at the Goodwill for $3.99. It had some chips around the bottom edge, so I needed to disguise them.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and picked up some Sand, Rocks, and Shells. Had the craft rope and glue on hand. The bottom piece was from a free box at a garage sale. The candle was a gift and it is in a ceramic jar with a lid.

Turned the vase upside down and placed the shells, then rock and finally sand. When turned over I would have my sand on the bottom rocks in the middle and shells on top. Overfilled it at first, so I had reduce some of the contents.

When the bottom was as full as I could manage I ran glue around the edge and added the dish to contain the filling. Using my pallet paint tool to spread it evenly worked quite well.

after 10 hours of drying, I turned the vase over and glued the bottom dish around again. While the glue was still damp I added a piece of the rope around the bottom of the dishes, sealing it firmly and covering the chips in the vase. Where the ends met I added some Shells to cover them up and give the rope a finished look.

Finally I added the rest of my white sand to the bottom of the vase. Next came the candle, placing it in the middle and leveling it. Once that was done I added blue rock and a few leftover shells.

I added another portion of rope to the bottom of the vase toward the top of the stem. Tied a knot then a simple bow.

I am happy with it and my hubby loves it too.

Suggested materials:
  • Vase   (Goodwill)
  • Sand, rocks, shells   (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue, rope, candle   (Had on hand)
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