Use Wood Icing(R), Rust, Patina And A Stencil To Create Canvas Artwork

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Staring at a blank canvas can be daunting. How do you take the first step, certain you can conjure up a fabulous project? We used these simple steps combining products that are hot, hot, hot right now with DIYers!
We even decided that our finished masterpieces don't even have to be hung on a wall. We staged them on a rustic coffee table with nature's pine cones.
Start with any blank canvas like these we found in a set from Michaels.


Wood Icing(R) Textura Paste (shop at

Modern Masters Metal Effects products: Primer, Iron Paint + Rust Activator, Copper Paint + Green Patina Solution, Bronze Paint + Blue Patina Solution, Permacoat Xtreme sealer (shop at

Royal Design Studio Phoebe's Tulip Wall Stencil (shop at

canvases, color shaper or putty knife, paper towels, stencil brush, paint brushes, small roller, rags, containers
Paint 2 coats of Modern Masters Primer and let dry overnight. This primer is essential to protect the surface and is different than household primers.
Brush or roll on 2 coats of Modern Masters Iron Paint according to directions. Let dry.
Spray with Rust Activator and wait an hour or so to get - real rust! Seal with Modern Masters Permacoat Xtreme. Let dry.
Use a color shaper tool or a putty knife to pull some Wood Icing(R) Textura Paste from the top down. Leave open areas for the rust to show through. Let dry.
Paint 2 coat of Modern Masters Copper Paint on top of the texture only. DO NOT LET THE 2ND COAT DRY.
Immediately spray Modern Masters Green Patina liberally. Wait for the green to evolve!
Use Royal Design Studio Phoebe's Tulip Wall stencil to stencil 2 coats of Modern Masters Bronze paint. DO NOT LET THE 2nd COAT DRY.
Immediately spray Modern Masters Blue Patina liberally and watch the gorgeous blue develop. It's like magic.
Now you have a lovely, artsy canvas trio suitable for hanging or just leaving out to enjoy (and impress your visitors).
Find out where to purchase all of these cool materials on our blog post.
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