Very Useful Handmade Cardboard Organizer Jewelry Holder!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Organizing the jewelry at one particular place is a hectic job for women. Again, handling different jewelry boxes for every set of jewelry is much difficult. So, what’s the solution to this? What if I tell you that with the help of the unwanted cardboards you can make a beautiful jewelry holder or organizer for yourself? Yes, this is true. With the help of cardboard, today, through this tutorial we would learn how to make a cardboard organizer for your jewelry.

Things needed

  • Cardboard boxes (small)
  • Color sheets and printed sheets
  • Diamond Lace
  • Beads and rubber band
  • Pearls Pointer and cutter
  • Cello tape and glue

Step 1 : Take two empty cardboard boxes. Open the boxes and cut out the opening doors from one side in both the boxes. Using a cello tape, seal the other side of the box to make an organizer. 

Step 2 : Now take some color sheets and printed sheets for covering the cardboard boxes. Apply glue inside the cardboard boxes and stick the color sheet inside it. Similarly, cover all the sides inside the cardboard boxes properly.

Step 3 : Take a big color sheet and stick it on the back side of the cardboard boxes in such a way that it combines both the boxes. Join the boxes using cello tape. 

Close the organizer and cover it properly using the printed sheet. Cover the sides and the top of the organizer with the printed sheet with perfect folding. 

Step 4 : Take the two cardboard sheets and cover them using a color sheet too. Open the cardboard organizer boxes and stick the cardboard sheets in the center of each organizer. 

Step 5 : Now take a rubber band and some beads. Tie a knot in the rubber band. Cut the other side of the knot. Using a pointer, enter the rubber band making a hole in the side of the organizer removing the rubber band out till the knot stops it. 

Step 6 : Now make another hole on the other organizer side using a pointer. Take a metal wire and enter a bead inside it. Fold the metal wire to lock the bead inside. Enter the folded wire inside the hole made using a pointer. Make a knot of the wire inside and stick it using some glue to make the bead firm. 

Step 7 : Now to give the cardboard organizer some height, take some pearls and stick them below as legs of the organizer. 

Step 8 : Now let’s decorate the jewelry organizer. For decorating it, take a stone lace with two diamonds. Cover the doors of the organizer with the diamond lace. 

Here you go! Your cute little jewelry organizer is all set to use. You can place the organizer on your dressing table to store some quick to use or handy jewelry you use daily.

You can also store other important things inside like keys. So, are you ready with all the required things to make your personal cardboard organizer? Let us know your ideas for decoration. 

Suggested materials:
  • Waste Cardboard Boxes   (Home)
  • Printed Papers   (Stationary Shop / Craft Store)
  • Beaded Lace, Rubber Band   (Stationary Shop / Craft Store)
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