Wall Pennant Sign Using a Drop Cloth

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by Julien K., Hometalk Team
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I have always loved playful wall pennant signs featuring graphic words and statements. After selecting a few sayings, I decided to create my own versions for 3 different rooms: one for my bathroom, one for my bedroom and one for my kitchen. This version is so simple and no-sewing is required! To make it more eco and budget-friendly, I used leftover drop cloth canvas from a past project.

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- Canvas Dropcloth

- Felt Sheets

- Fabric Glue

- Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

- Scissors

- Wood Dowel

- Twine or String

- Cardboard Template

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Printer or Alphabet Stencil

Step 1: Draw your base.

Create a cardboard template of the shape you'd like your pennant to be. Trace the template onto the piece of canvas using a pencil. Cut out your template. Iron out any wrinkles to create a smooth surface.

Step 2: Tidy your edges.

Flip your template to it's backside. The aim of the game in this step, is to create a tidy edge. Fold over each side of the pennant about a 1/2", and press with a hot iron. You'll need to do one edge at a time to ensure they are pressed to the point where they will not flip up again.

Step 3: Trace your letters.

For this step, there are many different ways to transfer your letters to the felt pieces. Methods include: transfer paper or using a stencil. But, to make this project even more budget-friendly, I decided to use the classic method of a chalk transfer rubbing.

Using a piece of light colored chalk, color on the backside of your printed out page of words or letters. Ensure you cover all areas of the letter to get a good transfer.

Next, flip your page to the right side and place it chalk-side down on your piece of felt. Using a pencil, trace over the outline of your words. Be careful not to push too hard, as you don't want to pierce the paper.

Once you have finished outlining all of your words, you should be left with a faint white outline of your text.

Step 4: Cut out your letters.

Using sharp scissors and a steady-hand, cut out your letters from your piece of felt.

Step 5: Glue your letters.

Using fabric fusion glue, apply the glue to each felt letter and place on your canvas base. Hold each letter down for at least 5 seconds so it has time to bond.

IMPORTANT TIP: Place your letters on the canvas pennant before applying the glue. This way, you have a "guideline" for placement to ensure everything is centered and straight. I like to use a ruler while I glue each letter down to keep everything lined up well.

Step 6: Create your casing for your wood rod.

Fold down the top of your pennant about 1/4" larger than your wood dowel. Using a hot glue gun, glue the bottom of the folded piece down. You should now have an open slot for your dowel to be inserted into.

Step 7: Insert your dowel.

Take your wood dowel and insert it evenly into the slot.

Step 8: Attach string.

Take to even pieces of twine or string and tie each one to either side of your wood dowel securely.

Step 9: Tie your string together.

Taking both strings, tie the ends together to form a knot. Ensure each side is even so that your wall pennant is balanced and hangs straight.

And here you have it. My three wall pennants in their element. They add such a charming touch to every environment and our guests have a good chuckle at the coffee version. Have fun with your sayings and think of the endless possibilities these wall pennants have - children's rooms, entryways, offices, etc. Enjoy!

Bedroom Pennant

Bathroom Pennant
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