When a Small Magnet, Just Won't Do

Kelly Condie Thompson
by Kelly Condie Thompson
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Everyone has magnets on their fridge. What if you had one that was large enough to actually write on again and again and was inexpensive, too. I've got just the idea. It is a heat vent cover. I discovered this quite by accident while working on another project that I'll be showing you a little bit later. These heat vent covers can be found at any hardware store in a plastic package of three for about $5.00. They can be very easily cut to any size to fit any size vent or any other use you might have for them. But the top can be written on with either white board markers and erased with a tissue or with wet/dry erase markers and a wet tissue. You can tell from the bottom of one of the pieces of magnets that ALL of the ink from the markers doesn't come all the way off. If this bothers you, you can cover the piece of magnet with a clear piece of lamination and then the markers can't penetrate into the white paint. The markers will wipe off clearly and easily every time. I've shown a piece of acid free laminating paper that is perfect to go over the magnet on the upper side. These magnets can be doodled on, written quick notes on, ANYTHING! They have multiple uses. Just leave one on the fridge with a pen and watch how quickly it gets written on. It's irresistible!
Step 1 - pick up a 3 pack of magnetic vent covers from any hardware store. Make sure they are white on one side. (pictured)
Demonstration of magnetic vent cover.
Picture of cut pieces of magnetic vent cover cut into pieces - written on and erased at the bottom of one piece (in red).
Pens that will write and erase on magnetic vent cover - Any color.
Possible lamination to put over top of white part of magnetic vent cover to keep it whiter longer and make it easier to clean.
Complete grocery list (with doodles) stuck to the fridge
Suggested materials:
  • Magnetic vent cover   (Any hardware store)
  • White board marker or wet/dry marker   (office supply/Walmart)
  • Scissors to cut to size
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