Wine Bottle Christmas Craft Tutorial

by Sarinasala1
4 Materials
2 Hours
There are lots of great ways to help our environment and recycle like bottles and jars. Don't throw them anyway! Create something useful! You can use them as vases, candles, bird feeders, pot plants the list goes on! With Christmas being around the corner I'm going to show you how to recycle wine bottles into a fun Christmas decoration
Find your bottles ! I chose three different sized glass bottles
  1. Soak your bottles in hot soapy water to clean and remove any labels off the bottles. Let your bottles dry
  2. Spray paint your bottles with any colour you choose and let them dry overnight. You might need to apply a second layer of spray paint
  3. Once your bottle is dry, apply a light layer of mod podge or PVA glue to the bottle and roll your bottle in a plate full of glitter. Wait for it to dry
Now is the chance to add your special touch. You can add whatever Christmas decoration you'd like on your bottles or even use them as a vase!
And here is the finished project! I hope you enjoyed!
Suggested materials:
  • Glass bottles
  • Ribbon
  • Spray paint
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