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Make etched cocktail glasses from recycled wine bottles!
In this tutorial we show you how to make groovy cocktail glasses from recycled wine bottles. It's a simple project that requires only a few materials that you can get from an art supply store or online. Watch the video ABOVE or view the steps below. Click the YouTube icon to see more of our videos on our YouTube channel. Cheers!
Here are the materials you'll need for this project.
Using a bottle cutter, score a line about 4 inches from the bottom of the bottle.
Next, carefully heat the scored bottle over a candle flame for about a minute- turning the bottle to heat the entire score.
Pour ice cold water over the score. As the score cools, the crack in the glass will deepen.
Carefully snap the bottle halves apart at the score by twisting your wrists away from each other.
Using wet/dry coarse sand paper, sand the lip smooth using water as a lubricant.
Create your design using vinyl letters. We just wanted our design on the top the glass so we used painter's tape to mask the bottom part of the glass.
Follow the directions of the etching agent (wear gloves & goggles), paint the etching agent over your design. The agent will acid-etch the glass and leave a frosty appearance. The glass will remain shiny where it is masked.
Remove the vinyl letters to reveal the unetched glass.
Thoroughly clean and dry your cocktail creations and fill with your favorite beverage! Cheers!
Suggested materials:
  • Wine bottles   (Recycling bin)
  • Bottle Cutter   (Amazon)
  • Glass etching creme   (Michael's)
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