by Lindsey
The best time to make a wreath:
Lately I have learned the best time to make/buy material for wreaths is directly after the holidays. All three of these wreaths cost me about 10 dollars due to major sales at places such as Michaels, walgreens, etc. I also made an all ornament one as well. Just wait until all those holiday things go on clearance and then you have a cheap and easy wreath.
After Christmas Sale - Styrofoam wreath - $1 ribbon - This was a string of silver balls for $2 dollars I found at goodwill.
After 4th of July Sale - $1 ribbon - flowers
$1 ribbon at michaels plus spray painted plastic golf ball (I couldnt find cheap ping pong balls)
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  • Mjzorn Mjzorn on Nov 09, 2014
    I was surprised to find the plastic golf balls at Walmart were less expensive than anything else like them (-- I wanted them to make some small "balls of yarn" without using much yarn.) This is so pretty!