Make An Adorable Dish With Buttons

Modge Podge 100 buttons onto a balloon, and pop the balloon when it is dry for a dish. Get tutorial here

Craft Floral Ice With Balloons

Fill a balloon with water and cut a few flowers into it, place in a freezer, then cut off the balloon. Get tutorial here

Decorate Citronella Candles With Balloons

Pour melted wax into a glass, and cut the neck off of the balloon, then wrap around the glass. Get tutorial here

Design Garlands With Balloons

Soak a thread in glue, wrap around the balloon, and pop it. Get tutorial here

Make a Cooler With Balloons!

Chill your drinks by filling water into a balloon, put in a freezer, and then put in a vase to chill drinks. Get tutorial here

Craft A Bouquet With Balloons

Fill vase ½ way with rocks, tie 2 to 3 balloons on several sticks, and arrange the sticks. Get tutorial here

Add A Floral Garland On A Balloon

Purchase a floral garden and tie it to a balloon for spring. Get tutorial here

Build A Bouncy Ball With A Balloon

Sew pieces of fabric together, leave an opening to insert the balloon, and blow it up. Get tutorial here

Make Decorative Fillers With Balloons

Mix 2 parts glue and water, coat yarn in mixture, then wrap around balloon. Get tutorial here

Attach Memories For A Birthday With Balloons

Blow up the several balloons, attach ribbon, and stick a note or card on each. Get tutorial here