Construct A Fireplace Out Of 2X4’s

Build a base from the 2X4’s, construct a frame on a plywood surface, and stain. Get tutorial here

Dab Paint For A Faux Marble Ceiling

Paint the basecoat of the ceiling in a dark green, and press a lighter green with a sponge for the marble look. Get tutorial here

Use Painter’s Tape For A Brick Wall

Begin by painting the wall gray, tape down the bricks to measure 4X8”, and apply compound. Get tutorial here

Lay Film For A Metal Table

Connect table legs with a Kreg Jig, wrap tabletop with metallic film, and glue wood into place. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Dreamy Four Post Bed

Measure and cut down the PVC pipes to size, sand down the dowels, and install the anchors. Get tutorial here

Paint Fabulous Marble Flooring

Roll on a basecoat, cover grip lines the color of your grout, and create several “squigglies” with black paint for the marble. Get tutorial here

Roll Out Contact Paper For Wood Floors

Clean down your floors first, and start unrolling the contact paper then trim off the excess. Get tutorial here

Marble Your Bathroom Counter With Paint

Use acrylic paint to paint the base and use a feather to create the veining. Get tutorial here

Fake Beautiful Ceramic Tiles

Mark down a 2X2 grid, paint the grout, and use a sponge to create detailing. Get tutorial here

Fake Silver Leaf On A Coffee Table

Use tape to cut the table into equal parts, paint bright pastels, and press on foil. Get tutorial here

Press Faux Trim To Your Closet Doors

Sand down the doors if they are wood, use painter’s tape to form a box, and paint over. Get tutorial here