The Finest Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Farmhouse kitchen décor is by far the most popular home improvement project for DIYers. While classic looks are great, we loved this coastal twist from Beth. Starting with an all-white farmhouse kitchen, Beth added her own touches. To achieve her coastal farmhouse look, adding mint green to the lower cabinets was crucial. From there, a rope-look chandelier and subway tiles completed the look. For us, this blend of styles produces a fresh but classic vibe. Get tutorial here

Fantastic Farmhouse Living Room Decor

A few vintage elements can give your living room some real pizzazz. Farmhouse decor can be anything, which is why a simple homemade piece of art like this one from Life on Kaydeross Creek can give your living room some rustic warmth. Alternatively, the coffee table above is a great way to make a statement. Stripped back, sanded and finished in honey and Behr black to highlight the grain, this table looks fantastic. Get tutorial here

The Best Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

MDF, pine and some white paint are all you need to give your bathroom a country feel. After installing a pine window frame, Hometalker Sandra Powell recreated a board and batten effect using MDF. With the rectangular wall panels in place, a few coats of white paint were applied to the walls and units. Finally, after adding a white mirror and new drawer handles, a quartz white countertop finished off this gleaming farmhouse bathroom. Get tutorial here

Brilliant Bedroom Farmhouse Décor

The great thing about farmhouse decor is the fact it’s neutral. In this bedroom project from Sara, white shiplap and a faux mantle formed the foundation for her farmhouse look. After brightening her sleeping quarters, it was time to accessorize. A dark wood antique mantle mirror was paired with a dark steel Coleman bed. Finally, light brown soft furnishings balance out the look. Get tutorial here

Top Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

If you don’t want to decorate an entire room, focusing on a single wall can have just as much impact. As you can see, this farmhouse wall decor required just three materials. After sourcing 900 square feet of ¼” pine for free, Caroline cut the boards into random lengths. Nailing them to the wall, the fits were deliberately left less than perfect. Finished in watered-down white ceiling paint, the end result is brilliantly barn-like. Get tutorial here

Stylish Farmhouse Decor Shutters

Opening up a whole new look is easy when you make your own farmhouse shutters. Installing a barndoor is impractical but shutters are a viable alternative. Essentially scaled down doors, these wall features can bring some texture to any room. As Colleen’s project shows, a flea market bargain can be upcycled with white paint, sandpaper and old drain pipe fashioned into a faux flowerpot. Get tutorial here

Uplifting Farmhouse Stair Styling

Don’t think you can finesse your stairs with the farmhouse look? Think again… Hometalker Tara’s farmhouse was almost perfect. However, with stairs covered in old carpet, she wanted to bring back some authenticity. Removing the material, she replaced the plywood steps with unfinished pine. After staining and coating with urethane, the edges were painted white to make the wood pop. This contrast in colors made her farmhouse stairs look extremely stylish. Get tutorial here

Fabulous Vintage Farmhouse Decor Furniture

Like walls, farmhouse decor furniture projects can make a huge statement with very little effort. Sometimes all you need to upscale some old furniture is paint. As you can see from this cabinet, pastel colors are perfect for farmhouse makeovers. After purchasing the unit for $35, Colleen filled any holes and layered on Silverplate paint. Then, using 120 sandpaper, she created patches of light and dark for a real rustic vibe. Get tutorial here

Terrific Tables: Farmhouse Decor You Can Eat From

Tables are the focal point of any rustic living space and this project can give you that vintage look in one fell swoop. Stripped back wooden tables are fantastic but we love this design because it shows the versatility of farmhouse décor. Placing offcuts of wood inside an old frame and painting them different colors, this table is classic yet unique. A top tip is to sand the painted planks to get the slightly worn feel. Get tutorial here

The Brightest Farmhouse Decor Lights

You might not think it’s possible to reinvigorate your lights with a countryside shine, but it is! Thanks to this bright idea from Noting Grace, an old pallet box will turn any set of lights into a farmhouse dream. Grace fixed two battens into her ceiling joists to hold the box. After threading cords through gaps in the pallet and rewiring, the fixture was screwed in place, adding a rustic glow to her kitchen. Get tutorial here

Charming Rustic Farmhouse Decor Designs

Accessories are an easy way to turn a city house into a farmhouse.A picture can say a thousand words and this frame from DeeDee could write an essay. Taking a gold frame, she mixed bright and off white to create a chalk paint. Applying a thin layer, she then rubbed the frame just before it dried to allow some gold to shine through. For alternative ideas, check out this farmhouse clock and coat rack. Get tutorial here

Marvelous Modern Farmhouse Decor

Even though we love vintage farmhouse decor, this look from Judy Herbert Ainger is strikingly modern. The simplest way to modernize your farmhouse room is with accessories. For Laura Leigh, this meant quirky soap holders and stainless-steel appliances. For Hometalker Lindsey, some drop cloth curtains were enough. However, for something completely unique, try this look from Judy. Moving the outside inside, she combined wooden borders and corrugated metal roofing to achieve this innovative design. Get tutorial here

Cheap Farmhouse Decor: The Best Budget Project

Want a vintage look for less? Farmhouse Chic Blog shows us how… For under $50, this Hometalker purchased a 4x8 sheet of 1/8” pine and some white Behr trim paint. Cutting the board into 6” strips and nailing them to a section of her bathroom wall, she sanded them and covered with three coats of paint. In just over an hour, the perfect faux farmhouse look was complete. Get tutorial here