Cover Left Over Food With A Shower Curtain

Measure out your bowl, cut a circle around the shower curtain, and line the edge with elastic. Get tutorial here

Spray Paint A Pineapple Table Chrome

Spray the edges with a golden chrome, adhere pineapple knobs, and decoupage the inside with pineapple scrap paper. Get tutorial here

Stick An Airplant On The Fridge

Use a power sander on a wooden egg, drill a hole into the top, paint, and glue on a magnet to the back. Get tutorial here

Light The Night With Pineapple Luminaries

Cut tissue paper into small squares, decoupage onto the jar, and snip felt into leaves. Get tutorial here

Plant A Small Planet In A Tropical Pot

Paint the pot with a basecoat of yellow, and draw random “v” for the pineapple texture. Get tutorial here

Print On Tablecloth With A Stamp

Simply dab the stamp into black ink and press over linen blend fabric. Get tutorial here

Snip Plastic Spoons Into A Light

Cut a water bottle into 3 separate parts, break off the top of the plastic spoons, spray paint, and hot glue. Get tutorial here

Decorate Your Bench With An Outdoor Pillow

Make “Welcome” on your Cricut machine, mirror the image text, and color coordinate the paint. Get tutorial here

Roll Paint Onto A Pineapple Stencil

Simply use painter’s tape to hold the pineapple pattern in place, and paint over it. Get tutorial here

Welcome Guests With A Sign

Tape off the sides of the printed off images, rub chalk over the backside, trace over the top, and paint gold. Get tutorial here

Put Gold Leaf On A Pineapple Pillow

Cut out mini pineapples, trace on gold foil lightly, and press in to apply. Get tutorial here

Hold Pencils In A Pineapple

Mix ratio of 1:1 hair conditioner and glue, mold it over flower pot, and press clay over pot. Get tutorial here

Use Your Silhouette For A Stencil

Paint the basecoat of the walls green, and brush over the Martha Stewart stencil different colors. Get tutorial here

Paint Tropical Coasters With Cork

Trim a circle out of cork, cut out a pineapple shape, and paint over the shape. Get tutorial here