Get A Lux Chandelier With Fringe

Gather embroidery hoops of different sizes, cut four pieces of yarn, and hot glue on fringe. Get tutorial here

Craft A Faux Kilim Pillow In A Pinch

Take a woven rug, fold in the edges, and sew the ends shut. Get tutorial here

Build A Cozy Fluffy Stool

Cut and adhere plywood to the top of the metal stool and staple down the furry fabric. Get tutorial here

Hold Onto Memories With A Clipboard

Simply take some old wood, paint and decorate to your desire, then adhere a clip. Get tutorial here

Make A Dreamy Dreamcatcher With Lace

Wrap an embroidery hoop with fabric, hot glue faux florals on the rim, and adhere lace on the back. Get tutorial here

Stencil The Mandala On Your Table

Coat the table in 3 coats of Unicorn SPiT and using a roller brush, paint over the mandala stencil. Get tutorial here

Create A Feathered Moroccan Inspired Pillow

Wash and dry out a pillow case, then use fabric glue to adhere golden embroidered trim. Get tutorial here

Add Pops of Color WitAdd Pop

Put painter’s tape over the glass of the clock, and decoupage with modge podge decorative papers. Get tutorial here

Paint Golden Motifs On Your Chair

Mix chalk style paint with water, paint the chair, then press the gold paint into the edges of the chair rim. Get tutorial here

Reweave A Beautiful Patio Chair

Cut out the staples from the original chair, sand down the frame, and knot down the rope. Get tutorial here

Dye A Basket Into An Ombre Decor Piece

Dip your brush into the Dye, and paint one color after the other on basket. Get tutorial here

Adhere A Vibrant Metallic Foil On Walls

Coat the wall in your chosen base coat and press the foil onto the wall surface. Get tutorial here

Hang Painted Driftwood For Decoration

Twist a screw eye into driftwood, and feed the twine through each screw eye. Get tutorial here