They make super groovy lamps

Get that funky flare a pineapple adds to decor with repurposed plastic spoons, water bottle & spray paint. Get tutorial here

They turn eyesore covers into art

This plain thermostat cover was jazzed up with a pineapple stamp, making it boho fabulous. Get tutorial here

They transform shabby pieces into chic ones

Add a gold stencil with spray paint, pineapple contact paper lined along the drawers & kitschy gold pineapple knobs. Love! Get tutorial here

They brighten up your boring pottery

Paint your pots in acrylic yellow and let the Hostas act as stems for a tropical terra cotta twist. Can you say adorable pop art? Get tutorial here

They are the raddest pieces of wall art

Splash a canvas with fuscia & splatter with gold acrylic, then quill your pineapple out of cardstock & paste with hot glue. Get tutorial here

They fancy up your canvas bag dispenser

Pick two versions of vinyl & transfer onto your canvas bag with an iron. And it’s washable. Perfect. Get tutorial here

They make the cutest summer luminaries

Grab a mason jar, some felt, some paint and an LED tea light to bring the tropical summer to your patio! Get tutorial here

They add fun to your welcome sign

Take your wall art to a new level add a bit of funkiness to your rustic decor. Brush paint over vinyl or stencil it over wood. Get tutorial here

They jazz up your table setting

Add some fun to your tablecloth with a pineapple stamped. Grab linen, a pineapple stamp, black ink & an iron & get going. Get tutorial here

They beautify your doorway

Grab a soda bottle, plastic spoons and yellow spray paint to get cute summer door decor. They’ll be knocking with a smile. Get tutorial here

They smarten up your drab wall

Embellish your wall with a pop or pineapple by using a clever stencil and simple black paint. Gorgeous! Get tutorial here

They intensify your bland lighting

Attach a lampshade to a pineapple shaped base, spray paint and voila! Get tutorial here

They make the perfect curtain swag

Make your nursery decor pop with pom poms and pineapples by adding a roman shade made with pineapple fabric. Adorable! Get tutorial here

They sweeten your entryway table

Paint a mason jar, fill with candy & place on your hall’s console table, so people are greeted with a sweet treat! Get tutorial here

They make super creepy Jack-O’-Lanterns

Swap the pumpkins for pineapples to get funky new jack-O-lanterns. First, core the pineapples, then carve out the faces. Spooky. Get tutorial here