Stack cans into a rustic vase (for free!)

Stack two cans together and give them an aged makeover, for this simple and stylish vase. Get tutorial here

Turn an old window into a stylish sign

Use an old window to craft your own farmhouse sign and make the Gaines’s proud. Get tutorial here

Make that boring set of drawers look unique

Turn any old set of drawers into a unique accent, using old license plates & paint. Get tutorial here

Use vintage kitchen tools in your design

Infuse your decor with vintage by using old cooking utensils for decor, like this wreath. Get tutorial here

Use warm grey hues for cozier decor

White is a crowd-pleaser, but toss in a bit of warm grey, to add depth and coziness to your space. Get tutorial here

Add a shiplap wall to an empty hall space

Build a shiplap wall on the cheap, to fake that romantic barn style for any type of home. Get tutorial here

Incorporate more hutches into your storage

Hutches provide ample storage in any room in your home, including the kitchen & bathroom! Get tutorial here

Use pallets to fill walls with vintage art

Make this print and pallet artwork for your walls to add interest and rustic chic to any space. Get tutorial here

Distress your wood pieces (using dark glaze)

Turn your painted wooden pieces into lightly distressed treasures with this cool glaze method. Get tutorial here

Highlight wooden details with white paint

Bring out every curve and carving of your best wood pieces by highlighting them with white. Get tutorial here

Bring in a French doors or barn doors

Decorative doors are a great opportunity to rustic-ify your home in a practical, bold way. Get tutorial here

Display photos in a wire frame hanging

Turn an empty frame into a wire photo display, perfect for showing off old family photos. Get tutorial here

Make your own faux vintage treasures

Can’t find a vintage treasure for cheap? Make your own, like this wood veneer tobacco basket. Get tutorial here

Give supply storage a rustic facelift

Don’t miss an opportunity for statement decor - even your storage can go rustic. Get tutorial here

Update a bathroom with wood & white

Turn any bathroom into a farmhouse powder room with neat touches of white & wood. Get tutorial here

Put distressed white wood everywhere

White wood walls are a must when you’re seeking the clean, country look of Fixer Upper. Get tutorial here

Bring in pipes for a hint of industrial charm

Pipes are the new way to give a high-end home a few romantic touches of industrial charm. Get tutorial here