Step 2: Spray paint the photo frame

If the glass or plastic insert is not removable, cover this area with a piece of cardboard or tape. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Cover the glass insert with Mod Podge

Use Mod Podge Fabric paste for wither glass or plastic inserts. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Cut your fabric to insert size

If you're using an old shirt, remove any hems, trims, buttons or pocket areas. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Place the fabric on top of the insert

Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles in the fabric. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Remove excess fabric from the edges

If you are using strips of fabric, line up the edges as closely as possible (without overlapping). Get tutorial here

Step 7: Seal fabric with a second coat

Follow product instructions and let dry until clear (approximately 2 hours). Get tutorial here

Step 8: Drill two holed for the handles

Be sure to measure & mark the area where you'd like to install your handles. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Empty a photo frame from inserts

Clear out the back, the photo inside and the glass cover. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Spray paint with desired color

You can skip this step if you have a colorful frame that you like. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Remove glass and hot glue the fabric

Glue the glass to the back of the fabric. Make sure the fabric is as straight and tight as possible. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Cut more fabric and create pockets

Cut two more pieces of fabric, roughly the same size as original piece. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Cut excess fabric and iron

Secure edges with Stitch Witchery and give the whole surface a nice, clean look. Get tutorial here