Step 1: Gather different sized pinecones

If you don't live somewhere where there is an abundance of pinecones, you can buy them on Amazon Get tutorial here

Step 2: Paint the bottoms of pinecones

Only paint them half way down. Be sure to get in every nook and cranny Get tutorial here

Step 4: Pull or saw off the unpainted half

You can start with the scissors to cut of the bottom of the pinecone Get tutorial here

Step 6: Grab greenery to fill empty spots

Pull off the pieces and lace them through the wreath form Get tutorial here

Step 7: Hang the wreath on your door

You can make this wreath for any season- just change the colors! Get tutorial here

Next: A Pool Noodle (YES, pool noodle) Wreath

Get started! This ornament wreath is not only customizable, but super easy too! Get tutorial here

Step 7: Wrap a powered light strand around it

Take a small wired battery powered light strand and wrap it around the ornaments and through the greens Get tutorial here

Next: Frugal Four Season Burlap Wreath

If you LOVE wreaths and noodles this is for you! Grab a noodle and get started! Get tutorial here

Step 2: Hot glue burlap strips end to end

Secure the seams with a glue gun to create one long continuous strip Get tutorial here

Step 3: Wrap the burlap around the noodle

Measure the burlap and make a tube shape to slide over the noodle Get tutorial here

Step 4: Stitch the entire length

Hand stitch with a simple running stitch the entire length of the burlap strip Get tutorial here

Step 6: Connect the ends with a twig

Add a twig from outside to the center hole for extra resistance Get tutorial here

Step 7: Secure with a duct tape

Seal the ends with duct tape, there was a lot of resistance with the noodle wanting to straighten itself out again Get tutorial here

Step 8: Add additional decor & hang on door

Add simple burlap bow and glue it . You can add flowers, snow flakes or what ever you have in mind Get tutorial here