For The Traveler, Use A Map

Make this coaster by cutting out a desired traveling location, and adhere with modge podge. Get tutorial here

A Gift For The Stylish Using Honeycomb

Spray these cement honeycomb shaped tiles with a metallic coat. Get tutorial here

Use Chalkboard Paint For The Chalk Obsessed

Let your friends craft their own messages by painting Rustoleum chalkboard paint on a coaster. Get tutorial here

Combine Fabric For The Sewing Beginner

This coaster is perfect for the beginning sewer, use pinking sheers for a decorative edge. Get tutorial here

Make A Mosaic For The Steampunk Fan

Use gems and gears to form the mosaic in the center, then pour resin over the coaster to make it harden. Get tutorial here

Roll Magazines Into A Cute Coaster

If your friend loves magazines, clip and roll pages into a catalog coaster. Get tutorial here

Utilize Those Old Corks For Your Fellow Vino

Assemble the corks into a square, stick together with hot glue, then decorate with a ribbon. Get tutorial here

For That Crystal Lover, Craft An Agate Holder

Add Martha Stewart Gilded gold paint to the edges of the Urban Outfitter recreation. Get tutorial here

Put Your Photo On A Coaster For Your Mom

Mom would love seeing your face, just modge podge and seal with epoxy resin. Get tutorial here

Use Birchwood For A Rustic Gift

Chop up birchwood planks into 2 inch square pieces, then sand down to desired look. Get tutorial here

For A Little Girl, Make A Beaded Coaster

String colorful bead together, then wind them on a cork sheet covered in glue. Get tutorial here

Give These Coasters To Your Patriotic Friend

Paint glass gems with Americana Gloss Enamels, for an American Flag coaster. Get tutorial here

Make A Cat Kitten Coaster For The Cat Lady

Stitch the body of this kitty with felt, and stuff the head with batting. Get tutorial here

Craft A Sophisticated Gift With Script

Glue felt to the bottom of the coaster, include rubbing alcohol, and now you have a fancy present. (Misty Get tutorial here

For Summer Fun, Create Watermelon Coasters

Use sliced tree bark, outline the areas to paint in pencil, and fill in the lines with acrylic paint and glitter. Get tutorial here

Be Artistic With Geometric Shapes

Use an inkjet printer to transfer vibrant color or images on the paper, then adhere with a clear matte sealer. Get tutorial here

Mix Concrete Coasters

Durable and reliable, make this concrete decor by mixing concrete and gluing felt onto the bottom. Get tutorial here

Create A Confetti Drink Holder

Modge podge a coaster, then sprinkle confetti all over it, and seal with a clear top coat of nail polish. Get tutorial here

Hot Glue Felt Balls For A Snazzy Coaster

Take your hot glue gun and begin to adhere several felt balls of different sizes together for a fun little coaster. Get tutorial here