These 4th of july painted glasses

Make your BBQ table great again by painting elegant wine glasses in patriotic colors. Get tutorial here

These birch tree wine glasses

Paint the glass stem in shimmer stone to get that gorgeous winter forest look. How glam and elegant. Get tutorial here

These crackle based dinner companions

Be sure to prep the glass well before blasting them in the oven to get them to crackle. Get tutorial here

These stemless wine goblets in gold

OMG these are stunning! Dip them in gold to get the newest and most fab party pleasers. Get tutorial here

These beaded beauties

Buy some dollar store beads to wrap around the stem of your wine glasses. Gorgeous! Get tutorial here

These gorgeous & elegant succulent holders

Gift someone with a wine glass succulent holder. Dip the stem in gold add a tag and insert plant! Get tutorial here

These psychedelic ones made from unicorn spit

This stunning design requires you go a little crazy with unicorn spit and the result is gorgeous! Get tutorial here

These cute candleholders for turkey day

Flip them over and paint them with turkey faces and add some tealights to get these adorable table toppers. Get tutorial here

Or these fall themed ones made with ribbon

All you need is some ribbon & fall foliage to make these perfect wine glass window pieces. Get tutorial here

Or these halloween themed ones with candy

Paint your wine glasses like Jack’o lanterns and make your trick or treaters smile. Get tutorial here

These sophisticated monogrammed ones

Add a little glass etching paint & stencil a monogram to get a truly classy look for your dinner party. Get tutorial here

These polka dotted holiday ones

These bespeckled wine glasses are quirky and elegant and only require a Sharpie. Get tutorial here

These golden fall themed decor pieces

Dip in gold paint and unicorn spit to get a luxurious fall tablescape. Get tutorial here

These Santa’s belly wine glasses

Your Christmas dinner will look adorable with spray painted Santa on your glasses. Chug that cider. Get tutorial here