Build A Cooler From Beer Caps

Assemble side frame from 1X2’s, fill in with panels, and grout the caps in place. Get tutorial here

Use A Tree Stump As A Side Table

Treat wood with bleach cleaner to kill the mold and stain to desired shade. Get tutorial here

Give Dad A Six Pack Of Bottled Candy

Spray paint a soda carton with two coats of chalk paint, then decorate cleaned out bottles with washi tape and his favori Get tutorial here

Makeover Dad’s Old La-Z-Boy Chair

Remove the staples and take the cushions off of the chair, then install cedar panels. Get tutorial here

Cut Rustic Birch Plywood Coasters

Use 4X8 paneling, shave the four sides, and brush on polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Coat The Man Cave With Beer Bottle Caps

Arrange beer bottle caps in a desired pattern and use tile mortar to adhere to the floor. Get tutorial here

Customize An Etched Soap Dispenser

Etch into a blue tinted bottle using an etching kit and fill with Dad’s favorite scent. Get tutorial here

Make A Candle In Dad’s Beer Bottle

Chill the bottle in ice, soak yarn in nail polish remover and set it on fire to cut the bottle. Get tutorial here

Build A Rack For His Favorite Brew

Glue two 1X4s together and clamp the two sides of the shelves. Get tutorial here

Make A Garland Of Snazzy Colored Ties

Trace out a tie with construction paper and glue colorful wrapping paper onto the tie. Get tutorial here

Work Leather Into A Personalized Keychain

Cut leather into a long strap, fold in half, and put the bolt through both sides. Get tutorial here

Make Dad’s Shoes Shine With A DIY Kit

Take an old box, use modge podge to adhere decorative scrap paper, and fill with shoe repair items. Get tutorial here

Build A Stand For His Beloved Cooler

Use eight pieces of pallet wood, nail two boards to the edge, and frame accordingly. Get tutorial here

Help Dad Jam Out With Custom Guitar Picks

Use wood glue to adhere 3 boards together and crosscut on a table saw. Get tutorial here

Make Him Geek Out With Star Wars Magnets

Mix water and concrete together, pour concrete into star wars molds, and insert the magnets. Get tutorial here

Help Dad Smell Like His Favorite Food, Bacon!

Cook up batch of bacon, save the grease, and weight out with coconut oil. Get tutorial here