Use a vintage window and multiple photos

Instead of gathering a ton of frames, just use a window instead. Get tutorial here

Hang them in a gallery wall

More tend to compliment each other, especially when they all have matching frames. Get tutorial here

Display them from a piece of wood

Wax a pretty block of wood and add wire clips for a fun display box. Get tutorial here

Or hang a few off a rustic iron pipe

Frame them with painted wood for a very cool set of photo frames. Get tutorial here

Glue them on a piece of wood

You don’t need to frame to hang up pictures, just glue them onto a slab of wood. Get tutorial here

Clip them onto an old crib rail

If you have an old crib lying around, this is a great way to upcycle it. Get tutorial here

Create a photo board for them

Customize your own and decorate it to your liking. Get tutorial here

Wire them into a photo wreath

This is such an adorable way to display your small photos and add some decor as well. Get tutorial here

Pair them with inspiring stencils

They add words of love and fill up the wall even more. Get tutorial here

Mod Podge them onto coasters

Whether it’s cork, wood, or stone, these pictures will totally upgrade your plain old coasters. Get tutorial here

Turn them into fridge magnets

Just glue them onto a magnet sheet and you have a fun way to decorate your fridge. Get tutorial here

Place them into Christmas tree ornaments

These ornaments are so sentimental and make a great gift. Get tutorial here

Glue them onto a serving tray

You’ll love showing off this try by your table, you might not even use it to serve food. Get tutorial here

Display them with your initials

You can hang these in your bedroom, or place them on your mantel. Get tutorial here

Place them in your favorite mason jars

These are so beautiful, we might do this for all of our pictures. Get tutorial here