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Welcome to another resin project.

Today's project can be completely make from scratch by following along on here or on YouTube but I also have a couple of cheats if you're feeling a little less adventurous.

I work with a resin brand called Rockstar Resins who have given me a code to share with you guys so that you can get 10% off along with free shipping on any order with them. I'll link all the details below.

Even the handles on this tray have been made from scratch which I actually show you how to do in my last Hometalk post. You can check that out on my page or over on my YouTube channel too.

I've linked the video for this project down below.


So here is where you can add in your first cheat and buy a tray mold online instead of making one.

Because of the size of the mold you'd be wanting to buy, this usually bumps up the price a bit and why I opted to make my own.

I did this by piping out caulking silicone onto a silicone mat in the shape that I wanted. The mat came in a pack of 3 for $7 and the caulking silicone was about $2. I already had the caulking gun but I think these are only about $5. This will then provide as many custom molds as you can fit onto 3 A3 sheets of silicone. I don't know about you but that's very appealing to me! Let the caulking silicone set and adhere to the mat.

After you have your mold, mix as much resin as you need to fill it. My mold was approx 12" x 9" so I mixed 600mls of resin.

The resin I used was the 5 Star 2:1 Thin Coat resin by Rockstar Resins. As mentioned above you can get 10% off and free shipping on any order with Rockstar Resins by using my code HANNAH at checkout.

Once fully mixed, I separated out 200mls of the resin and colored it purple, pink, a glittery colour and white.

I then poured approx 200mls of the remaining 400mls of clear resin into the base of the mold.

Feel free to watch this entire tutorial on my YouTube channel now, click the video link above icon

Please also check out the rest of my channel and consider subscribing icon


First give your resin a blast with a heat gun and blow torch to get rid of any bubbles.

If you chose the same colours as me then first add a thick border of purple around the edge of the mold followed by a thick pink layer that slightly overlaps the inner edge of the purple.

Then using a heat gun, blow the pink up into the purple to soften the edges and blur them together a bit.

Next add rings of white around the mold over both the colours and a small portion of the clear resin. As before, use the heat gun to blend the white into the other colours, always blowing centre-out.

I add another layer of purple, pink and white to really pack a colourful punch and repeat the steps above.


With the last 200mls of clear resin, pour all of this into the centre of the mold and watch the coloured resin push back. During the curing process, these colours will drift back to the centre of the mold but will then be even more delicately blended together than before.

Now it's time to add in the sparkly resin into the centre of the mold. I use a long, thin tool to feather out the edges so that it's not just all lumped in the middle.

Using what's left of the white (you don't need much), drag some of it through the resin on the end of a stick in large petal-like shapes and lines leading from the centre-out. This creates such a lovely lacy effect in the finished result.

Using the same long, thin tool, I drag straight lines through the resin from the edges all the way to the centre to further blend everything together in a lovely uniformed way.

Once you're happy with how your tray is looking, leave it to fully cure.


Once you've demolded your tray, you may need to sand the edges to get them nice and smooth, especially if your mold was diy, there's usually a little more sanding involved icon a small price to pay I'd say.

Now here's your 2nd opportunity to cheat and add pre-bought handles to your tray but if you're feeling really adventurous, how about making your own that match?

If you do fancy doing this then you can check out my last Hometalk post where I explain how or of course you can see the video tutorial I made on my YouTube channel. I linked the project within the YouTube video (above).

Whichever option you choose, attached your handles either with very strong glue, screws, or just little blobs of resin for a solid bond.

Lastly, paint the border with a lovely shiny enamel paint and add some felt feet if you feel it's necessary.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my project today.

Please do check out my YouTube where I make weekly crafty videos with lots of tips and creative ideas that are so easy to do.

I also sell all my handmade pieces including this tray in my Etsy store so if you're interesting in buying it then click this link and you'll be taken straight to my store.

Thanks again and until next time,

Happy crafting x


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  • Liz Liz on Jun 18, 2021

    Is the piped silicone permanent? Can you remove it from the mat?

  • Talia Talia on Jun 18, 2021

    This is gorgeous, I love the colors you chose. Thank you for sharing your discount code too! Do you have any suggestions on how to minimize bubbles in your resin if you do not have a heat gun? I can't wait to see more resin projects you create.

  • Jackie I Jackie I on Jun 18, 2021

    Can resin be used outdoors? I’m in Phoenix and it gets blazing hot. I have an outdoor tabletop I’d like to use glass pebbles and resin on. Can it take the sun?

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