Chisel Tennessee Red Cedar Into A Table

Cut the lumber down to size, drill holes in for the dowels, and brush on polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Use An Affordable Folding Table

Turn the table upside down, spray paint the legs, and sand down the table. Get tutorial here

Create A Farmhouse Styled Table

Glue 3 planks together, round the edges, and rub the paint with a worn t-shirt. Get tutorial here

Have A Naturally Finished Top

Sand down the wood so the paint will stick to the surface and apply Waterlox to dry clear. Get tutorial here

SPiT On Your Table

Paint over white for the base, spread blue Unicorn SPiT on the table surface, and dab a damp sponge. Get tutorial here

Build A Dining Table From Scratch

Chop out plugs to hide the screws of the table and use wood clamps to keep table in place for removable legs. Get tutorial here

Paint Over Your Glass Table

Paint the underside of the table with a light cream glossy paint, and peel masking tape off the edges. Get tutorial here

Create A Stained Glass Effect On Wood

Outline the design desired, and seal with SPAR urethane. Get tutorial here

Wrap Your Table In Wallpaper

Measure out how much wallpaper is needed and apply wallpaper paste to adhere. Get tutorial here

Stain The Top Of The Wood Table

After staining the top, apply polyurethane for shine, and add white chairs to brighten the table. Get tutorial here

Brand A Grain Sack Tabletop

Apply an off white paint color for the basecoat, choose a brand logo, and let dry. Get tutorial here

Burn The Surface Wood

Cut the pinewood planks to size, put pockets screws to keep together, and use a blowtorch to burn the surface. Get tutorial here

Spread Concrete On Top

Mix and apply a thin layer of concrete to the top and seal to finish. (The Crazy Craft Lady Get tutorial here

Strip And Prime The Entire Table

Put stripping gel over the entire table, sand down, prime, then add chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Design A Beautiful Talavera Table

Lay down the stencil flat, put on the paint with a roller brush, and use a smaller stencil brush to isolate colors. Get tutorial here