Tie-Dye Fabric Using Turmeric --- Yes! The Kitchen Spice

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2 Hours
Tie-dye. Huuum.......I can't believe it, but here it is. I actually made this textile from recycled fabric and turmeric. That's right. Turmeric....the spice that you'd put in your recipes. And honestly, it was one of the quickest and easiest projects ever.
So, here's how it happened. Have you ever wanted a piece of fabric in a certain color or with a certain pattern and just couldn't find it anywhere? This is exactly what happened to me and exactly why I started making textiles using all natural dyes.
So let's get right to it.......

Tie-dye Step 1:

Find a piece of fabric that is light in color. It also helps if the fabric is made of all natural fibers, like cotton, but is not 100% necessary. I used old drapery liner that was a cotton and poly blend.


Make sure the soap is rinsed out and do NOT use a fabric softner.
Then then push the wet fabric into the pot and cover with a water and vinegar mixture.

If you do this and the liquid doesn't cover your fabric, add more of this mixture. Then remove the fabric from the vinegar soak and rinse very well with cold, fresh water.
Then gather and bind up the wet fabric with rubber bands.
Simmer in a turmeric bath. How long depends on how dark you want the color to be.
Remove from the turmeric bath, clip the rubber bands away, and rinse with cold water. I didn't want the wrinkles to be removed so I hung the fabric on a line to air dry.
When the fabric is dry, time to sew up something fun. I promise. It's just this easy. More explanation and steps are available over on the blog if you'd like to give this a whirl. Of course, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Thanks so much for stopping by!! It's great to see you. :-)
Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Veronica Veronica on Jan 26, 2020

    I think this is great but I have a question about the water and vinegar. How many parts water and vinegar. Should it be hot water or cool. I see you rinse it in cool water. Thanks!

  • What other spices can be used for a different color?

  • Cindy John Cindy John on Apr 15, 2020

    I accidentally got turmeric on a shirt and it stained. I will do this for sure because I know it will work. Beautiful. How much turmeric?

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