Old Clock Makeover!

Bryan's Workshop
by Bryan's Workshop
I intercepted this 1970 Seiko clock on its way to the dump! I saved this bad boy and gave it an awesome makeover!
The final touch up. This clock turned out better than expected!
I made the new clock face in Photoshop and decoupaged it on. After that, I used an oil based jet black chalk paint for the entire clock
I gave these a faux iron paint job. I used wood glue for texture and then dusted with metallics.
The pendulum weight and the date & day cover.
The pins holding in the glass totally disintegrated once I tried to force them out. I easily found similar replacements at the hardware store though. The hinges were also rusty, so I needed to clean those.
I didn't open it completely up or touch any of the mechanical stuff. I only removed the door, pendulum and date & day cover.
The original face!
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