5 Essentials for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall at Home

by DixieSomers
If you’ve been eyeing a blank, boring wall in your home, you can quickly turn it into a personalized focal point of the room by creating a gallery wall. A big empty space can act as a black hole for the room, but with a creative, textured gallery wall, you’ll instantly brighten up the room and display your style at the same time. Here are a few essentials for creating the perfect gallery wall in your own home.
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Be Careful With Color

If you want a colorful wall, stick with a scheme of up to three colors so that it isn’t too overwhelming or busy. If you want to throw in multiple colors, create a mainly neutral wall (like black and white) with a few elements that are brightly colored. You don’t have to stick to boring colors, just be sure that you coordinate the hues you use so that you can avoid any mis-matching or clashing on the wall. And remember that oftentimes, a simple, black and white gallery wall adds subtle class to the room.
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Choose the Right Frames

Gallery walls can look eclectic and inspired, but if you choose elements that are too disconnected, the wall will look messy and confusing. When picking frames, choose three to four different sizes, but no more. Have at least two of each sized frame, too, to have some uniformity on the wall. If you like organized styles, choose the same frames and hang them up so they’re symmetric. You can stick with a rustic theme, vintage, or modern, but be aware that too many themes will make the wall look randomly muddled rather than intentionally styled.
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Use Canvas Prints to Add Dimension

While frames can add interest and color to a gallery wall, it is important that you remember texture and dimension in your scheme. By printing your photo on canvas rather than having it hang flat in a frame, you add a little extra dimension to the wall. You can create custom photo canvas prints with your favorite images to keep the wall from falling flat and looking plain, and make your memories come to life right on the wall.
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Pick a Layout First

Don’t just start putting your photos and images on the wall, expecting them to perfectly come together. Measure the wall and lay everything out on the floor in the layout you want. Then, cut paper into the same size and shape as the frames and put the pieces on the wall with painter’s tape in your layout. This way, you can map out the style of the gallery wall and make adjustments before putting any holes in the wall. With the mock gallery in place, you can then place the items where you would like them to go without making any mistakes.
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Use Variety in the Subject Matter

While many homeowners love to create a gallery of family photos, there are a lot of choices that will allow you to add variety to the wall. By using a mixture of images, paintings, and quotes, you create an interesting wall that will grab attention and reflect your personality or style. You can also combine wall letters, clocks, mirrors, and canvas prints in order to add texture to the flat frames. By adding variety in the subject matter, you’ll have an intriguing, stylish wall that displays all your favorite things.
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The beauty of having a gallery wall is that you can regularly swap out images and pieces for new ones. Don’t be afraid to change things up every now and then - even small changes can make the wall look completely different. Use the essentials above to cultivate your perfect gallery wall, and say goodbye to that boring blank wall once and for all.
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  • Lyn Lyn on May 14, 2019

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve always wanted a gallery wall and now with your help I can get one sorted.