A Family Space Face Lift With DIY Large Quote Sign!

by Kelly-n-Tony
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3 Days

This living space needed a facelift!

I had a large wall space split up by a large window that needed something. I'd bought 2 sofas and shoved them side by side and they fit exactly in that space. Hubby made an armrest table that fit snuggly in-between. Then I was stuck- I didn't know what to do with the walls.

This is how I fixed this space.

Not the best before pic- we had already started removing some things in this room and adding others like the sofas. But I think you get the idea- the walls needed something to liven it up ...

It all started when I found these Reindeer

After looking at all kind of ideas for the walls I found a set of canvas deer pictures that I really liked. Ikea...cool stuff...good prices....such slow shipping....sigh.

Anyway the reindeer were obviously too small for the space by themselves (especially with one on each side of the window) so to bulk them up I found some (free!) Christmas tree prints online and printed/ framed them. After putting them up didn't like the black frames so went back to Walmart for $4 white frames ....

Ah, I like the white frames better!

I filled in the space above the prints with the quote sign. This is the right side of the window and a near identical grouping on the left side of the window...

This is the left side of the window.

A much more finished space!

Since I was unable to find the right sized quote signs I made my own and the DIY is below. And it only cost about $8 in materials to make each framed sign.

The Ikea canvas set cost $29, the tree prints free and the white frames $4 each so only about $62 total to facelift this space!

Other things I did in the space include removing the hanging window frame from the right side divider and replacing with macramé plant holders, a pine wreath at the window and changed up the things on the window shelf- all from things I already had but very nature like.

I know you can't see the whole room but the other side has recliners and the tv and perhaps I'll give that side a facelift soon too!

Paint a sign board

Here is the DIY on making your own large sized quote signs---

I used underlayment plywood which is an inexpensive wood that looks good when painted on. It's thin, light and is easy to frame. So using chalk paint I gave it a coat and let it dry.

Dry brush another hint of color

Then using the dry brush technique I gave it a hint of color. I really like that scratchy kind of extra bit of color dry brushing gives.

Stencil your words on

Using my Cricut machine I cut out some lettering stencils to use to make two large signs.

Dab paint the words

I dabbed on the brown chalk paint for my wording using my favorite applicator- cosmetic foam wedges. Once dry peel off the stencil vinyl.

Make a simple frame

Make frames with 1x2 or 1x3 pine wood with 45 degree miter cuts on the corners OR with straight cut edges if you don't have a miter saw.

Voila, you have a simple and cheap frame.

Don't attach the frame just yet...

Stain the frame

I chose a light stain for the frames and swiped it on and off with a tshirt rag. I love easy stuff. Don't forget your gloves- no one wants stained fingers lol.

Once your sign is finished with wording and the frame stained you can attach the frame pieces with wood glue and/or staples from the back.

Making your own sign is an easy and cheap way to get exactly what you want.

Suggested materials:
  • PJÄTTERYD Picture, colourful reindeer   (Ikea)
  • (4) white 8x10 picture frames   (Walmart)
  • (4) Christmas tree prints   (Online)
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  • Linda Linda on Jan 27, 2021

    Yes!! Absolutely I was inspired!!

    I loved how it was all laid out well what was done and the material lists are also very helpful! Turned out great!

  • William William on Jan 27, 2021

    It does look great. Love the layout. The signs are amazing. Good share