A Little Christmas Joy

Cynthia Carpenter
by Cynthia Carpenter
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I found an old frame at a thrift store and cut a piece of board to fit. Being that I'm a huge fan of Unicorn SPiT Vibrantly Colored Staining Glaze. I knew that I needed to get my bottles of SPiT out and put my thinking cap on.
I mixed Zia Teal with White Ning and dry brushed the background. And found 2 cups of different size and dipped the rims in White Ning and randomly stamped onto the wood. And filled them in.
I then needed a larger circle so I searched my cupboards for the right size. Mixed Purple Hill Majesty and White Ning painted the rim and stamped it in the middle because it will be used as my O in JOY. I painted strips with the purple mixture and some Roswell mixed with White Ning.
I proceed to draw the J & Y and painted them in with Molly Red Pepper with a little White Ning highlights . And used Dragons Belly for the Christmas light wire. Then with Lemon Kiss, Phenix Fire and Blue Thunder I painted the light bulbs. I used spray Lacquer first to seal because Unicorn SPiT is water based and needs to be sealed with an oil base product. Once it was dry I went back and wiped on a water base sealer for extra shine.
I happened to have one of those battery operated Christmas lights that had 10 bulbs so I thought why not drill holes in the painted bulbs so I got my husbands drill out and drilled holes in each one.
I stuck them in the back of the board and just the tips of the light bulb showed through. Since they were white bulbs I painted the tips to match each bulb. They fit perfect and I didnt have to secure them in. But I guess if you had to you could just put a piece of tape to hold them.

I simply used a metalic copper acrylic craft paint on the frame and sprayed it with Lacquer. I put the board into the frame turned the lights on and Voila....
I painted the frame with a copper metalic acrylic craftpaint ( some little bird told me that next year Unicorn SPiT will have their own line of Metalic's coming out) totally excited about that. Anyway I stuck my (painted board into the frame turned the lights on and VOILA. ...
And when I turned the room lights off this is how it looked....Little Christmas magic
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT Vibrantly Colored Staining Glaze   (Www.unicornspit.com)
  • Krylon Lacquer   (Home Depot)
  • Minwax water based polycrylic   (Home Depot)
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