As far as removing the wallpaper, this was an easier one. Best, Charles

Peace Painting Co., Inc.
by Peace Painting Co., Inc.
The walls had been somewhat primed and the paper stippable.
The remains that would not peel off.
Scratch up the vinyl surface so when you wet it, the water will soak in.
Using a garden sprayer with hot water will speed up the process. Spray it repeatedly in rounds also loosens up the invisible glue.
After a couple of rounds of hot water, the leftover paper peels like a banana.
Lastly, with a nice sponge and a big bucket of hot water go over the walls two or three times until your water is staying clean.
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  • Sally-Charles Evans Sally-Charles Evans on Oct 15, 2016
    With stubborn wallpaper I use what is called a 'paper tiger'. It is a round, palm sized plastic piece with plastic gear like teeth. You roll it around on the wall and it punches little holes that then let in the warm water that you spray on the paper. It works like magic and doesn't damage the wall.

  • Marty Grimson Marty Grimson on Nov 14, 2016
    If removing wallpaper from walls that were never painted or primed before paper was applied, you're in for some hard, frustrating work. If you use a steamer, you oversaturate the wall and the surface of the wallboard comes off with the paper. I have tried everything mentioned above plus the professional steamer. Folks, it's easier to replace the wall!