Bed Room Make Over - Wall Art

by Heatherelzey
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I have been givin my small bedroom a make over.
Here is a wall with nothing on it. I could hang a picture or one of my many wood projects. But i have always wanted to do some kind of wall art. So i decided to do some kind of tree with flowers.

I gathered items I will need to do this project. Paint, paint brushes, water, pencil or charcoal, paper plate, and paper towels. I use the paper plate as a pallet for my paint, the water to clean my brushes and the paper towels to dry my brushes.
I drew the tree limb on the wall with a pencil. You can not see the pencil marks on the wall. I should have used charcoal.
I used the brown color to paint my tree limb on the wall. I allowed about an hour for the paint to dry. This paint dries very fast.
Using white paint I made white flowers all over the tree limb. I place a gray dot in the middle of the flower and highlighted the flowers with a light pink.
As I was painting I noticed some issue I had with the tree limb. One limb was to small and there was just not enough flowers. I thickend up the limb, added more flowers and add flowes that looked like they were falling from the limb.
Here is my finished wall art. I can not draw so if I can do this anyone can! Take your time. Take photos and go sit down and look at the photos. This will help you see what changes you want to make or what you want to add. Look at wall art photos on the internet to give you an idea of what you want to do. Have fun with it and make it yours! This did not cost me anything and I used very little craft paint I already had.
Suggested materials:
  • Craft paint   (Walmart)
  • Water, paper towels, paint brushes, paper plate   (I had around the house)
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