Blackboard Art

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
1 Material
30 Minutes
Some really easy and cheep blackboard art
i purchased a 5 pack of A3 black cardboard and 2 sizes in the chalk markers from local officeworks ( supply's of all statioanry ) here in Australia
I googled blackboard art images to get an idea of what I was looking for and how I wanted my pictures to look .ie for kitchen ideas and laundry
Google images
These are a sample of the images you will find they're is hundreds :)
once you have found what you like get to it I just copied what I saw I worked out about were it should be on the cardboard and worked my way down the page
the trick is to use different fonts and different sizes :) it does make it look so much better
So to do both pictures it only took about 30 minutes to make each 1 :D now all I am left to do is head out shopping and find some frames I do think I will find some old frames and maybe chalk paint them also :D can't wait to hang them on my wall so 2 done 3 to go onto a bathroom one now
Suggested materials:
  • A sheet or 2 or more of cardboard I used A3 size   (Stationary store / newagent)
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