Coffee Mug & K-Cup Holder

Jacks Beta
by Jacks Beta
I decided I could use the vertical space in my kitchen to store mugs and K-Cups as opposed to having the Carousel and Mugs taking up counter space. Easy project that only took me a few hours total.
I started with some pallet wood I had laying around. Measured the space so I knew how big I wanted the slats. Used Gorilla glue and some finishing nails for extra support to put the pieces together. I sanded the wood down after to give the front a smooth finish as to not get splinters while trying to grab a mug.
Stained using Special Walnut from MiniWax, which is the same stain I used for the shelves in my kitchen (you will see in the finished product) and let sit overnight. I used hooks I had from another project. Make sure to lay your mugs out on top of the base to space the hooks evenly. I left a bit more space in between cause I tend to change my mugs out a lot.
I bought the acrylic paint and stencils at Target for about $10.
I painted "coffee" using a foam brush and just dabbing the paint lightly on top. Messed up a bit on the "C" but hey that's character, right?
Bought a basket I found on sale at Target for $5 and used some rope stapled to the back of the base. In this picture you can see just how much counter and shelf space I freed up. Carousel is gone and the shelf now has more space for dishes.
I'm in love with it and can't stop staring at it cause it's something I made from beginning to end!
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