Creating A Wall Sign for Under $10.00

by Melanie
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1 Hour

I am going to show you how to create a wall sign from items from your local dollar store. I had recently purchased a self adhesive letter stencil from my dollar store. I was drawn to the quote. Initially I was going to apply it directly on to my wall but decided against it, so I came up with this idea to use a simple frame .

This is a project anyone can do.

So to begin this project you will need the following items: Self adhesive lettering. Dollarama has a lot of these with different quotes. Once your lettering is selected choose your frame. I opted for one that held 3 4x6 photos. Next you will need Command strips for mounting pictures.

Begin by removing the glass and backing from the frame.

Next choose a background for your lettering. I had wallpaper scraps left over in a wood look and will be using it. You can use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or self adhesive wallpaper from your dollar store. Or you may choose to paint the backing.

Using my glass I placed it on my paper and traced around it, then cut out with scissors.

Here is my cut piece. Using some scotch tape I placed some on the back of my paper to hold in place on the backing to make it easier to apply the lettering.

Now it is time to attach the stencil. These can be applied 3 different ways depending on the look you are going for. I am using the first way as lettering.

Remove your stencil from the package.

If I was using a large frame I would simply remove the backing and apply as directed on package. Due to the size of frame I am using I will need to cut out the words.

Here are my words cut out.

Before removing the backing from the stencil, determine placement of your words. Once satisfied begin the process of applying the stencil.

Your stencil comes with this little card. Once you have removed the white backing from your stencil place your word in the desired location. Once placed take the card and gently rub it over the lettering.

Gently begin peeling the paper back. Continue the process of applying the lettering in the desired location following the same steps.

Here is my sign partially finished. Once all lettering is completed re assemble your frame.

This is my sign completed.

To secure my frame to the wall I will be using command strips for pictures.

I secured my command strips onto the frame by removing the backing. Next step is to secure it to my wall. Before applying to wall, make sure your wall is clean where command strips are going to go. You can clean by using rubbing alcohol.

I have a slanted wall in my hallway that I have turned into a little picture gallery. I created this wall of photos when my son was born and on it is pictures of him as a baby, my husband and I, our parents, and our grandparents. It has been a focal point in our house for many years and it has provided us the opportunity to teach and tell stories to our son about his grandparents and great-grandparents, and to remind us where we came from.

To secure the sign to the wall once your location is determined press firmly on the frame for 30 seconds.

I love how this simple project has added to my gallery wall.

Suggested materials:
  • Picture Frame   (Dollar Tree)
  • Self Adhesive letter stencil   (Dollarama)
  • Command strips   (Dollarama)
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