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As you may (or may not) recall, Hubster and I finished up our front bathroom remodel earlier this year. After we finished the remodel, I was trying to be frugal and decided to put the rugs we had in there prior to the remodel back in there. They were in great shape and they are very soft rugs, but, they are tan. Just as the walls are tan, the floor is a tan-ish (we used ceramic tiles that look like wood), and the vanity is….. yep, you probably guessed it, another shade of tan/brown (espresso coloring to be exact). The rest of the bathroom was white (the ceiling, the tub, the toilet, and the baseboards).
So, my entire front bathroom was some shade of brown or white and although the fixtures we put in there were very nice looking, the bathroom needed some splashes of color! So I decided to splash it!
As you can see in this picture, we had a large empty space on the wall next to the sink which extended to the area behind the bathroom door. This wall was just screaming for some decor with color!
I have recently fallen in love with string art (I previously did a string art project to hang in my master bedroom, you can see that project here:

I love the 3D look of the nails and the string, it really pops out at you! So, I decided I was going to make a matching set of string art boards to hang on this wall to give it some pops of color. Here is the awesomeness that is my new bathroom artwork:
Here’s how I made the three string art boards:


3 – 1×4 @ 8 ft each

Pocket hole jig (I used a Kreg Jig)

1 1/4″ pocket hole screws

Wood glue

Wood stain

Nails (I used 1.4 mm x 19.0 mm wire nails)


Embroidery String in colors of your choosing

Paint pen


Kreg Jig (or any pocket hole jig)



Saw (I used a miter saw, but a manual saw will work too)


Here are the abbreviated instructions for making these (please see my blog at the link at the bottom for full details).

For each string art board you plan on making, cut four 1×4 boards to size.

Using a Kreg Jig, drill three pocket holes in three of the four boards.
Next, use wood glue and pocket hole screws to attach the four boards together.

Sand the board until smooth and then stain with a color of your choosing (I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain).

Once the stain has completely dried, paint the wording of your choice onto your board(s).

While the white paint is drying, print out the designs you want to use for the string art. I found some flowers that I liked using Microsoft Word and printed them.

Next, lay the printed design on the board in the location you want the string art to be located. Using a hammer and the small nails, begin hammering the nails partway into the board, following along the pattern on the printed paper.
Once all the nails are in place, just let it rip!! (The paper, that is. 🙂 ). Tear the paper away from the nails so the paper is completely off of the board.
Now, time to start stringing! (Not sure that’s a word, but hey, it works!). Tie the string around one of the nails on your design, where you want that particular color to be. (For my designs, I always started with the center of the flower). Wrap the string all the way around each nail you are stringing to before moving on to the next nail, creating a pattern of your choice as you run the string. Continue until you have filled in the area with that color, and then cut the string and tie it in a knot around the last nail you ran the string to. Continue this process with each color of string until your artwork is complete.

I chose to do a combination of white string, light blue string, and dark blue string on my three boards, so each design was different, but color coordinated!
Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (Home Depot)
  • Nails   (Home Depot)
  • Embroidery string   (Walmart)
Pinspired to DIY
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  • Teri Zachary Teri Zachary on Jul 12, 2016
    I love this. I've seen alot of things like this. I want to make my daughter one with a deer head. Any suggestion on where I could find a print?

  • Jackie Maue Jackie Maue on Jul 12, 2016
    I see you painted the words onto the board. Did you free hand or did you have some kind of stencil, template... something you may have traced? If you traced it, where did you get your pattern from?

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