DIY Hanging Gold Frame Leaf Art

Stefan -
by Stefan -
I’ve filled the frame with a leaf decoration creating a modern look for a low price. Now is a great time for collecting foliage and pressing to use around your home as decoration.

Wooden picture frame

Plated gold chain

Picture frame hanging D-ring

Small wood screws



Clear drying adhesive


Jump rings (optional)
You will need to prep your leaves a few days in advance of starting this DIY. Collect up and clean the foliage.
Screw the plates attached to the D-ring onto the sides of the frame. When buying the frame make sure it is a soft wood by pressing your nail into the back of the frame.
Now your frame is ready to hang. If leaves aren’t your thing try creating different effects with other found objects. Let you imagination run wild!
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  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Mar 10, 2020

    I don’t get it. Are there 2 pieces of glass or did you just glue a couple of leaves onto glass?

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