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Deb Foglia
by Deb Foglia
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For the Home Depot Gift Challenge our item this month was to use sisal rope. Such an exciting item to use for me because rope can feel very rustic and I absolutely love Rustic design. Since the challenge was for a friend I thought picture frame would be a great item...and how about a group of 3 to put on the wall?
My first step was collecting the supplies that I needed:

1. Sisal Rope (multiple sizes)

2. Circular styrofoam

3. Hot glue

4. magnetic picture frames

5. Stain
Next, I applied hot glue directly to the styrofoam starting in the center and winding ther ope around itself. Making sure to glue in small sections. This happens to be quite tedious but so simple to do.
For my smallest circle "frame" I decided not to start the rope in the center since I was using the larger size rope and the frame would be cover it. Keep wrapping rope around until you have a complete circle. If the circle does not appear perfectly round when finished you can continue wrapping around to outside of the styrofoam area to just the rope. This happened to me on my two larger circles and it worked out just fine when I did this. Then add a loop at the top to hang the frames from.
Last step, add the magnetic picture frames on top and add some cute photos to it. I'm still working on the cute photo part...and I may possibly add a knob to hang the rope from. Also, If you choose to you can stain the rope to give it a gray finish. My walls are gray so I thought staining the large one would be really cute...and I love how the frames look together.
Deb Foglia
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  • JeanMarie Sullivan JeanMarie Sullivan on Nov 10, 2018

    Reason for Magnetic picture frames? What are they attracted to?

  • Jodie White Jodie White on May 04, 2019

    I'd love to use this without the picture, just as a trivet! It would go well with little straw baskets my mom nailed on her kitchen wall. (Used picture hangers, so you can easily take off to use. )

    Anyway, where would I find sisal of varying sizes, at a decent price?

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  • Anne Davis Anne Davis on Mar 05, 2019

    this is awesome!

  • Conscientious crafter Conscientious crafter on May 04, 2019

    As pictured, the picture or art wouldn't be protected at all.

    If you want a "rope" picture frame, round or square, put said pic in a flat profile frame. The adhere styrofoam or wood etc to extend the frame to the shape and size desired.

    Then glue the rope to that.

    This way, the pic is protected under glass and it looks less like a bulletin or dart board.

    • CJ CJ on Feb 28, 2021

      Actually, the magnetic photo frames will protect the photo or small art. If you scroll up to the "Resources for this project", just below the bottom of the post, you can click the link to Amazon to see the same or similar frames to the ones she used.

      I had to click "see all materials" at the bottom of the Resources box to find the frames. You can certainly purchase similar frames in stores, as you choose but Amazon link will show you what she used.

      These rope frames are sooo cute! I've saved this post, thank you for sharing Deb!