DIY: Twine Letters

by Kristin
I love a good ole country, rustic, DIY look. There is something about it that is simple. Something that is refreshing. I have to admit that sometimes that thought of having so many DIY projects going on at once, is overwhelming. In fact, I have tried to downsize my project collection BIG time and it is working! One of the projects I have always wanted to do was wrap the first letter of our last name "S" in jute/twine. I had some jute left over from who knows what and I even had the letter! Not sure what I planned on doing with the letter, but it gave me the perfect opportunity to try this DIY project.

It is SO simple (only 3 things needed) and you too, can do this in an afternoon!

Supplies Needed:
Jute or twine
Letter to wrap
Hot glue and hot glue gun
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The trickiest part is starting. After trying a few different ways, I decided that starting my twine on the edge of the letter and then starting to wrap it around, worked best. Try to get the twine as close as you can to each other to prevent the hot glue from squeezing through.
You may start to wonder if you will ever be done wrapping it around, but just keep going! On the curves, it may take a few wraps in one area to cover the outer edge (as you can see in the top of the picture below).
An easy project for a lazy afternoon!
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