DIY Wood Sign With Silhouette Cameo

by LittleBlueBarn
9 Materials
1 Hour
Follow along this simple tutorial on how to make your own gorgeous sign simply with your electric paper cutter (Silhouette or Cricut) and scrapbook paper!
For this project you will need:Stencil created with paper cutter on scrapbook paper, paint, tape, fine tip paint brush, cosmetic sponge, foam brush, lathe border, hammer (or nail gun), nails, sandpaper, piece of wood (12x12)
Do the first coat of background paint on your sign. I use just regular paint from the hardware store for the background.
Do 2-3 coats of background paint and let dry between each application. Wait for it to fully dry before the next step.
Tape down your stencil to secure it. You will want a good quality acrylic paint. As long as it isn't runny it should work great.
Use your cosmetic sponge and LIGHTLY dab your stencil. LESS IS MORE! If you lay the paint on heavy it will run under the paper and make a huge mess! Dab the excess paint of the sponge before applying to the stencil. You will need to do 2-3 coats for the wording.
Peal off the stencil and do any touch ups and fill in the cut lines with your fine tip paint brush!
This is with touch ups and lines filled in.
After the wording is COMPLETELY dry then you can take 120 grit sand paper to it and take away some of the sheen and give it a more rustic look if you like. It also helps with any imperfections in your stencilling and paint job.
Nail on the border. You can do so with a hammer and nail or do it the lazy but way more effective way- nail gun ;)
Take a selfie with your amazing work and get it hung up or give it to an awesome friend for a great gift idea!
Suggested materials:
  • Scrapbook paper   (dollar store)
  • Acrylic pain   (Walmart)
  • Wood (12'' pine shelving) or scrap   (Home Hardware)
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  • Marita Marita on Oct 02, 2020

    how did you get the stencil?? i find that - to find a good stencil with a meaningful message -the hardest part!

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  • Joanie Joanie on Jan 11, 2018
    I'd bet you're a Tim McGraw fan????????????

  • Kimm King Kimm King on Feb 20, 2019

    Great idea!! I was just thinking of this, but was looking to buy. Hey, I'll make it myself. Thanks. 😁💕💕