Dollar Tree Wall Décor Upgrade

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Hi everyone! I hope all is well, and that your week is going by smoothly. Today I'm working on a simple Dollar Tree wall décor upgrade. I purchased a wall decoration at my local Dollar Tree, and I have decided to include a shelf on my new design. I am using the wood tumbling blocks for the shelf, and I'm also going to reuse my succulent pots that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I'd love if you created with me.

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One wall decoration- I purchased this at my local Dollar Tree

Tumbling blocks- You will need nine blocks

Two small pots- I'm reusing Dollar Tree succulent pots


One small wooden circle

One pop-up sticker

Faux floral

Hot glue

Paint brush

Floral cutters

Optional-One small screw driver, I found that you can also tear off the front design since it is cardboard.

Start by removing the front design on your wall decoration. I used a screw driver for this, but found that I could also remove the design just by tearing it off.

Next, take your small wooden circle, and apply your paint. I am using a color called celery for my wooden circle. I applied around two coats of paint, and used my blow dryer to dry between coats.

After, take your wooden circle, and glue it onto your wall decoration.

After, take your pop-up sticker, and apply it to your wooden circle. There is already a sticky backing to the sticker, but I decided to add some hot glue. I normally do this just to give it an extra hold.

Next, take your tumbling blocks and begin to apply paint to them. I am using a total of nine blocks to build my shelf. I applied paint to just the top, and bottom sides of my blocks. After assembling the blocks you will apply the rest of the paint.

Begin to assemble your blocks. Take three blocks, and glue them together. This will create a row of three blocks. After, take each row of blocks, and glue all of them together.

Now you are ready to add your wood shelf onto your wall décor.

You are now ready to cut your floral, and add them into your pots.

After adding your floral, take each pot, and apply hot glue onto the bottom side of each, and add it onto your shelf.

Your wall décor upgrade is now complete. I love how adding a simple shelf with pots, and floral really took this design to the next level. I love hearing from all of you. Let me know what you think! Thank you so much for creating with me. I'll see you soon.


Suggested materials:
  • Wall decor   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood blocks   (Dollar Tree)
  • Paint
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