Easy to Do Dollar Store Valentines Day Decoration

by Knelso18
5 Materials
20 Minutes
This weeks valentines challenge... I found containers of multiple sized buttons at our local dollar tree a couple of weeks ago and picked them up knowing at some point I would use them. And here's what I did...
A local craft store was selling these 7x7 white washed pallets 2 for $5.
I then used stencils for the lettering and buttons in the shape of a heart...
Now let me tell you my secret on how to stencil letters. No stencil needed really. Print off your words in what ever font you want one a plain piece of white paper. TheN you cut the words into smaller pieces, theN rub a colored chalk on the backside of the paper. Lay chalk side down on your project and trace it lightly with a pencil...and wahla you have fancy letters to color in with paint or marker. See pictures as it will make more sense... super easy cheap project...
(Please note the glue was not 100% dry when I took the pictures. It does dry clear so you will never see it, unlike in my pics)
Gather your supplies. Chalk, pencil, glue, buttons, and words printed on plain white paper, painters tape, paint ($.50 at Walmart), paint brush and wood piece.
Trim your words down to useable size. I printed on plain cheap ol'white copy paper from my computer. Nothing special)
Arranage on board to make sure will fit and spacing...
Flip words over and on back side color with chalk. I used blue as my board is white. Otherwise I normally use white chalk. Really color doesn't matter as you will be erasing all evidence that you used chalk at all...
Place paper on board, chalk side down and use painters tape to hold in place.
Take you pencil and lightly trace all the lettering. Remember to not push too hard as you don't want to leave dents in your wood, you just have to press hard enough for the chalk to show you lettering.
Here's a close up of how it looks...
Another view of how chalk comes off...
Get your paint ready and pain't brush...
Start painting in your letters using the chalk as your guide. I have found sometimes painting upside down is easier... not sure why.
Finished painted lettering...
Got my area glued and ready to apply buttons...
Top half of heart done and you just keep using different sized buttons to fill in the heart.
After paint dry, take a slightly wet towel and run over letters to get rid of chalk lines that may remain. Here is my finished sign.
I also made this one. I used a sharpie colored marker vs paint (I forgot to buy pink paint). Either way love them both...
Suggested materials:
  • Tacky Glue   (Walmart)
  • Multi sized buttons   (Dollar store)
  • Paint   (Walmart)
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